MASTERJEE, the Mastermind of corporate teaching stalwarts, is in the fore ground of educational market to simplify the success formula of IIT JEE advanced, NEET and the rest of national level competitive examinations. Its core conviction is “In each student talent is intrinsically locked and it is for the faculty to unlock it and make them understand that they have infinite future ahead. MASTERJEE’s learning ambience is all embracing, quite convenient for the students to feel that they are in the even environment for even learning. Its core strength lies in its fervent faculty endowed with feverish pitch to mold its students to crack all national level examinations at one go.

MASTERJEE is centrally located and well accessible for the people living far and near, is all poised to open its floodgates of knowledge to its students simultaneously showering utmost love and personal care harnessing every student who walks into the premises of MASTERJEE and finally make them world famous doctors, technocrats and scientist be it any domain.


MASTERJEE is a pulsating pulpit for 2 year intermediate course with special drive and dedication on IIT /JEE advanced, NEET along with long term coaching in IIT and NEET under the direction of our matchless 20 year + corporate experienced faculty acclaimed for churning out all India level top ranks during their corporate stint in yesteryears.


Both +2 and state level intermediate are 2 year course with special tinkering on IIT JEE advanced and NEET, while IIT and NEET long term are a 1 year course meant for those who pass out both +2 and intermediate. Instruction is carried out under the guidance of able and efficient faculty with maximum teaching and optimum practice sections.


Major thrust is on core subjects – Math, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology along with mild dose on languages. Core subjects are taught with  perspective initiating the interest among students, gradually raising them to thrill and final making them assimilate the depth and intensity of it. Due weightage is given to languages strengthening them in presentation and communication by employing seasoned hands with testing pattern.


IIT JEE advanced, BITSAT, VIT, NATA, NEET etc are our target competitive examinations from the day one which keep our faculty and students occupied ¾ th of the day and drive them restless to give every try to crack them in the first go with the best ranks. Our strength lies in our uncompromising and untiring faculty and desire – driven students.


MASTERJEE believes in quality and not in quantity and therefore it is selective in admission granting basing upon student’s performance in the preceding board exam followed by staff interaction and above all student’s deep interest.


Motivation is intended to make students understand their inherent strength and stamina. Students in MASTERJEE are injected with motivation melodies on a frequent scale to make them realize that they have all the potential to crack the impossible. MASTER JEE motivational classes push it’s a students to the new levels of energy and confidence and certainly get stirred up to pleasant success in their career.


MASTERJEE has hostel facility with all features both for boys and girls situated in prime area, JNTU Metro station, in the vicinity of our college building. We provide decent accommodation with well prepared food along with the best security measures for the students.    


The day at MASTERJEE starts with hot and pure milk, followed by steamy breakfast, full course lunch, lip smacking snacks and the day finally comes to end with delicious dinner punctuated with weekly specials. Food is served with love and warmth in an clean environment and students are on a roll to enjoy it.


MASTERJEE is strategically located at JNTU Metro station connected to road and rail from any stretch of twin cities. However, the college provides transportation on request with due charges incase minimum number of transport willing students is worked out.


MASTER JEE classes start from  8.00 AM to  5:00 PM with 50 min duration each class with 6 day working structure supported by well – stitched time table, teaching periods followed by counselling  and weekend exams.


MASTER JEE has handpicked, well experienced faculty with more than two decades of core corporate experience with an impressive track record of coaching country wide toppers in IIT and NEET. Our single minded, result conscious and self started staff is our driving force to take our vision and branding to the infinite.


MASTER JEE underlines the tag line “Less the strength More the focus”. Anchoring on this principle, we sign out admissions with 35 students in each section. MASTER JEE is proud of its well ventilated and well maintained and well structured class rooms with smart boards.


To showcase its trendiness and to reach out Z generation students, MASTERJEE has upgraded its classrooms with AC provision to keep its students and ambiance sweat free.


Our fine tuned faculty is modified and trained to follow the proven teaching methodology to make our students understand the concepts easily. Our faculty has lot expertise in minimizing students inherent phobia for the tuff subjects and examinations.


At MASTER JEE revision and practice are on going process of the completion of every chapter to consolidate the learning output. Revision is done to further recharge our students in the respective subjects finally helping them for the best performance in all college conducted and board examination. Practice tests are systemized skilling the students for the best output, enhance presentation tips including enriching  time management skills.


Catching up with changing trends in the educational field, MASTERJEE has developed an innovative mechanism to conduct online examinations for all its students to give rigorous and vigorous practice for the final match. This online analytics details out not only the marks scored by the student subject wise, error analysis, minus marks, time duration for each question etc and aware the parent with marks SMS immediately.